ACORAssociation of Cancer Online Resources
ACORAmerican Center of Oriental Research
ACORAmerican Conference on Oriental Rugs (est. 1992)
ACORAdvanced Certificate in Operational Risk
ACORAfrican American Coalition of Reading (Reading, PA)
ACORAssistant Contracting Officer Representative
ACORAustralian Council of Recycling (Australia)
ACORAdvisory Committee on Research (Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute)
ACORAfrican Commercial Representation (Abidjan, Ivory Coast)
ACORAir Care on Road (Canada)
ACORActual Cost of Repair
ACORAdministrative Contracting Officers Representative
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Australia is a "hot spot" for oil & gas exploration and ACOR is positioned for possible "Company-Maker" discoveries.
The well locations and leads described above and on the maps are located on blocks EP 128, EP 127, EP 104, & EP 103 in which ACOR has no interest.
ACOR is very pleased that the wire line logs and sidewall cores have confirmed the presence of an oil column in the target sands of the Murta formation in Fury-1 and a new oil field discovery.
ACOR management looks forward to the drilling results from the Snatcher-3 exploration well as a discovery here would further confirm our belief in the potential of the Western Margin Oil Project within PEL 111.
ACOR management has identified six leads from the existing seismic data.
Reminder: This was merely an example, ACOR does not own any ORRI's under the Halibut Oil Field* and there are no guarantees of a similar performance).
The EB 600 joins a raft of existing hot-melt binding machines at the company, part of security printer Acors Group.
But company director Acors - freed on Christmas Eve and still denying the charges - revealed that the couple was semi-naked and Michelle had performed a sex act on him moments before the police turned up.
SHOE-HORNED into a cheap suit which does nothing for his cornedbeef complexion and double chin, Vince Acors is no obvious romeo.
Local laws strictly control drinking and ban public displays of affection, although Acors said alcohol was widely available at low prices in hotels.
Speaking at a press conference in London, Acors described Dubai as a "massive contradiction" for its combination of Western hedonism and strict Islamic culture.