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ACOSSAgence Centrale des Organismes de Sécurité Sociale
ACOSSAustralian Council for Social Services
ACOSSAction Coalition of Strikers and Supporters (Detroit, MI)
ACOSSAlabama Course of Study: Science (Alabama Department of Education)
ACOSSActive Control of Space Structures
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ACOSS chief executive Dr Cassandra Goldie said the report is a "wake-up" call for the country to find the right policies to prevent the rising poverty rate.
I first heard of Armenia through the ACOSS (AKOS in Armenian) Artist Residency Program.
Nevertheless, social enterprises have a growing place in the work of ACOSS members and in their strategies for supporting low income Australians.
ACOSS makes a number of recommendations in our 2010-11 Budget Submission to improve payment adequacy and ease deprivation and hardship.
ACOSS (2004) Summary of Key Data The Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services and ACOSS.
ACOSS proposes three key reforms to reduce child poverty in Australia and reduce disadvantage among families earning less than $40,000.
The sheer ruthlessness of the Howard Government's treatment of the poorest Australians was on display in early 2002 when ACOSS revealed that 386,946 breach penalties had been imposed on social security recipients, mainly unemployed people, in 2001.
ACOSS, along with many of our members, is greatly concerned that the costly scheme will stigmatise people on social security payments.
ACOSS (2001a: 3-11) pointed out that a third time activity breach represents a total 'fine" or loss of benefit of $3,384, a higher 'punishment' than is applied for many criminal offences.
Reporting on Sydney-based emergency relief recipients, ACOSS member Anglicare found that emergency relief services are 'increasingly dealing with more complex cases of hardship that are stretching services to capacity' (1).
Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) (2001) Breaching the safety net: the harsh impact of social security penalties, ACOSS INFO 305, Strawberry Hills, NSW, ACOSS.