ACOTAAfrica Contingency Operations Training Assistance
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Section 1206 "Global Train and Equip" authorities allow USAFRICOM to complement and expeditiously reinforce ACOTA training and meet the operational requirements of AMISOM forces.
By 2007, 19 African countries had participated in the ACOTA programme.
The mandates of any or some of the existing military collaborations such as, TSCTI, CJTF-HOA, and ACOTA, could have been extended.
Unfortunately, ACOTA does not have consistent funding and may not be able to attain its overall goals.
ACOTA is the successor to the Africa Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI) which, in 1997, began the U.
Ghanaian military cooperation continues under the successor African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance program; Ghana was one of the first militaries to receive ACOTA training in early 2003.
A MCTAG-led team has already participated in SC operations in Africa, advising and training peacekeeping forces under the ACOTA (African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance) program.
Company Awarded ACOTA Contract for Training and Assistance
Though a part of GPOI, the ACOTA program continues to exist in training and equipping selected African militaries.
We demonstrated under ACOTA how professionally executed training can have an enduring impact on the peace and prosperity of developing nations.
I'm sure the committee is well aware of ACOTA, the Enhanced International Peacekeeping Capabilities program, EIPC.