ACOTAAfrica Contingency Operations Training Assistance
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Section 1206 "Global Train and Equip" authorities allow USAFRICOM to complement and expeditiously reinforce ACOTA training and meet the operational requirements of AMISOM forces.
ACOTA has directly trained over 8,400 Ugandan troops for AMISOM deployment, composing four of the six Ugandan Battle Groups that have gone to Somalia; training for a seventh group began in August.
133) In response to concerns, ACOTA has incorporated mortar training into its AMISOM curriculum.
By 2007, 19 African countries had participated in the ACOTA programme.
ACOTA, the new program, retains most of the components of ACRI.
ACOTA architects intend to add substantial specificity to their recipient nations' programs.
Training roughly 20 battalions per year, ACOTA tailors its programs to match the individual needs and capabilities of each country.
Since 2004 ACOTA has trained approximately 45,000 African soldiers and 3,200 African trainers who have supported deployments to peacekeeping operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Burundi, Cote d'Ivoire, Darfur, Somalia, and Lebanon.
Officials in SO/LIC's section on peacekeeping developed the plan as a means to expand and improve the ACOTA program--with more and better exercises and more equipment--as well as to extend the program beyond Africa to other parts of the world.
Funding for ACRI, which like ACOTA was provided under the State Department's Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) account, totaled $83.
million in State Department PKO funding for the ACOTA account and nearly
Since 1996, the United States has provided field and staff training to develop military capabilities for peacekeeping through the African Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI) and its successor program, ACOTA, which as of 2005 was subsumed under GPOI.