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ACOTEAccreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education
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Thus, the current study examined the components of clinical education by assessing the practices and preferences of fieldwork educators in Pennsylvania ACOTE accredited programs in the preparation of students for future practice.
A fieldwork goal delineated in the ACOTE standards (2012) is providing supervision and role modeling that is responsive to the setting and the students' abilities (C.
Pre-professional OTD programs are accredited through ACOTE if they meet ACOTE's rigorous educational standards (ACOTE, 2006).
ACOTE (2012) requires that OT students engaged in Level II FW participate in at least 24 weeks of full-time OT experience in more than one practice area.
For instance, higher numbered items in subsections of the ACOTE B Standards (AOTA, 2016) regarding curriculum outcomes ask that students have skills in evaluating and creating rather than simply remembering or understanding specific information.
Given the novelty of intervention research-based FW I, we resolved to (a) examine the feasibility and describe the process of creating an intervention research-based FW I experience and (b) explore differences in student ratings of skill performance opportunities in select ACOTE standards between students who chose an intervention research-based FW I and students that chose a traditional FW I.
Section B (which is the Content Requirements from the ACOTE Standards and Interpretive Guide) identifies the expected outcomes of students who graduate from an accredited occupational therapy education program (AOTA, 2011).
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