ACOVEAssessing Care of Vulnerable Elders
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Table 4: Measures of Licensed Nurse Care Processes 1 2 Low Homes High Homes < 25th 75-90th Percentile % Percentile % Licensed Nurse Care Process Indicators (n/total n) (n/total n) ACOVE Pressure Ulcer Indicators: Medical Record Data 1.
Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders: ACOVE Project Overview.
The ACOVE symposium brought together national experts from AARP, the American Geriatrics Society, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Veterans Health Administration, the Association of American Medical Colleges and others.
The ACOVE study found that: * Older adults received quality care 55% of the time for general medical conditions and 31% of the time for conditions more prevalent among the elderly; * Older adults received quality care 45% of the time for heart disease, a medical condition that is the number one cause of death among seniors; and * Older adults received recommended care 69% of the time for osteoarthritis, a condition that affects half of all older adults.
It is urgent that we begin adopting public policy to ensure that the promise of ACOVE is fulfilled in the healthcare delivered to every Medicare beneficiary.
Hertz of Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals, who leads Pfizer's involvement in the ACOVE program said, "We have worked to develop educational materials, including fact sheets and brochures, to address the gaps in quality healthcare and better prepare patients and healthcare providers.
The ACOVE study was performed by RAND Health, a unit of the RAND Corporation, as part of the collaboration between RAND and Pfizer to create a comprehensive geriatric assessment system to inform healthcare providers and empower consumers.
The goal of the first phase of ACOVE was to develop and test a system to evaluate the quality of healthcare received by community-dwelling older adults.
The ACOVE Project is helping to fill a critical gap by rigorously considering the care provided to vulnerable older adults," says RAND's Neil Wenger, MD, the ACOVE co-principal investigator.
In developing the ACOVE criteria, RAND physicians, health services researchers, and policy analysts were aided by outcomes researchers and clinical experts at Pfizer.
Publication of the quality indicators along with dissemination of other materials based on the ACOVE Project provides us with an important platform for improving the lives of this growing population.