ACP-ASIMAmerican College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine (transitional name; now American College of Physicians)
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Members of the Medical Professionalism Project (ABIM, Foundation, ACP-ASIM Foundation, European Federation of Internal Medicine).
Overall, 70% of the physicians who responded to the questionnaire posted at the ACP-ASIM Web site have taken cost-cutting measures in response to the Medicare reimbursement crisis, including reducing staff; postponing the purchase of new medical supplies or technology or decreasing staff salaries.
The ACP-ASIM guidelines list NSAIDs--including aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen--as the first-line treatment for a patient with migraine headaches.
Caroline Albert, a spokeswoman for ACP-ASIM, said Care Choices is instituting the policy only in a small service area in western Michigan--Care Choices serves 22 counties in Michigan--but the physicians' group is concerned the HMO may try to expand the practice.
Any reforms which are ultimately enacted must work to avoid an erosion of the guarantee that all elderly and disabled Americans, regardless of income, will have access to affordable health care coverage," says ACP-ASIM President Whitney Addington, M.
Until the pay cut is implemented, however, it's impossible to estimate how many physicians will actually opt out of Medicare, noted Bob Doherty, ACP-ASIM senior vice president for government affairs and public policy.
We'll try to get a commitment to support some of the [proposals] and get our [ACP-ASIM] chapters in discussions around the country," he told reporters when the plan was unveiled at the annual meeting of ACP-ASIM in Philadelphia.
While AAP and ACP-ASIM acknowledge that incremental expansion of health care coverage is desirable, "the ultimate goal is to ensure that every American has health insurance," Dr.
A subscription is a benefit of membership in ACP-ASIM and subscription rates may be obtained by calling 800/523-1546, ext.
In an 11th-hour plea, the ACP-ASIM, along with the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Family Physicians, asked the Senate to not adjourn until it fixed mistakes in the Medicare fee schedule.
As part of an agreement approved by the college's board of regents at its annual meeting in October, the committee will include representatives of the ACP-ASIM, the ABIM, and internal medicine subspecialty organizations.