ACPBAll Campus Programming Board (Kent State University; Kent, OH)
ACPBAmerican Celtic Pipe Band (est. 1971)
ACPBAluminium-Containing Phosphate Binders
ACPBAir Cargo Priority Board
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The ACPB includes Department of the Army civilian employees and active duty Army officers.
ACPB conducts hearings for eligible soldiers convicted in military court-martials of crimes described in the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
The majority of cases that are heard by ACPB are violent crimes, including sexual assault, murder, etc.
ACPB uses criteria similar to its civilian counterparts when making risk-based decisions about supervised release of soldiers, including a parole plan (housing and employment/education), confinement record, treatment completion and victim/witness input.
The parole plan must be approved by ACPB, and confirmed/approved by the supervising U.
probation officer provides ACPB with allegations of parole condition violations, the chairman will normally suspend parole (or MSR), and direct the conduct of a preliminary interview to determine if there is sufficient probable cause to conduct a revocation hearing.
ACPB members presume that court-martial panels and military judges' decisions on sentences are appropriate.
ACPB achieved ACA accreditation in 2010, becoming one of only seven parole boards nationally accredited.
The ACPB will consider an eligible prisoner for clemency as follows:
There will be roughly 38,000 lease receivable contracts in the pool, representing an initial ACPB of $470,253,515.