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ACPCArea Child Protection Committee
ACPCAssociation of Coffee Producing Countries
ACPCApple Communications Protocol Card
ACPCArroyo Center Policy Committee
ACPCAmes Community Preschool Center (Ames, IA)
ACPCAgriculture Credit Policy Council (Philippines)
ACPCAlternating Current Power Control
ACPCAir Component Planning Cell (USAF)
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Senate to drop ACPC from further debate, and it never became part of the Obamacare law.
Although Carenen devotes much of her analysis to liberal and conservative Protestant supporters of a Jewish state in Palestine and later Israel, she acknowledges the presence of Protestant anti-Zionists via a discussion of the American Friends of the Middle East and this organization's efforts to combat the pro-Israel rhetoric of the ACPC.
From these perspectives, the limitations of Morocco's ACPC are striking.
But they first had to meet the Blewitt family, the Gays' legal team and staff involved in the youngster's care"The ACPC is trying to complete those discussions as quickly as possible," he added.
Keith Moore, chairman of the ACPC, said: "The ACPC accepts all of these recommendations.
The ACPC deeply regrets that the child protection system in Sheffield was unable to prevent the severe neglect of these children, '' he said.
ACPC chairman Andrea Hickman said: 'The murder in London of seven-year-old Toni-Ann Byfield last September was a tragedy.
Andrea Hickman, chair of the ACPC, said: "If anything good can come from this tragic case, it will be to learn lessons.
Indonesian coffee exporters have rejected suggestion from some members of the ACPC (Association of Coffee Producing Countries) to destroy 5% of low quality coffee production in a bid to lift the price.
But not all producing countries belong to the ACPC, and Brazil decided to increase output in the current harvest season.
ACPC members account for about three-quarters of annual world coffee exports.
But AMEC has rejected membership in the ACPC on the premise that Mexico cannot afford to hold back 20% of its coffee exports as required by the global coffee-producers organization.