ACPPAustralian College of Pharmacy Practice
ACPPArise Citizens' Policy Project (Montgomery, Alabama)
ACPPApplied Computing Platform Provider
ACPPAfrica Conflict Prevention Pool
ACPPAccess Control Point Program (US DoD)
ACPPApple Care Protection Plan
ACPPArchitecture-Centric Project Planning
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Several members of the ACPP in Cape Town attended and contributed to the two international SCPP conferences, held in Oxford in 2001, and Edinburgh in 2005.
The test showed that gorillas regulate ACPP similar to humans, which suggests that the human-chimp ancestor did the same.
El articulo 218 ACPP 1940 prescribe que en los delitos sexuales la audiencia se realizara siempre en privado.
Among the problems of coordination in Sierra Leone is that meetings to discuss the ACPP are part of other discussions, hence there are no formal and regular meetings on the specific subject of the ACPP.
In this reported study, once the final assigned diagnosis was made for the 100 control subjects using the appropriate criteria, diagnostic sensitivities and specificities of the TCPP and ACPP for ACS patients were compared.
ACPP 1/1944, 1944/1, 9/2/1944, 11/2/1944, 21/2/1944, 22/5/1945, entrevista a Francisca Llopis Mas (Santanyi, 21 de julio de 2003); Capella Llorenc: Diccionari vermeil, op.
En coherencia a lo anterior, el proceso de estudio procedio como una investigacion cualitativa optando por el enfoque etnografico, por cuanto este elabora una representacion de lo que piensan y dicen los <<nativos>>, para este caso los pobladores, desde los acontecimientos y las condiciones en las que se dieron las relaciones sociales, economicas, politicas y culturales que circundaron las movilizaciones sociales en el puerto petrolero; expresiones reivindicativas que se transformaron en ACPP.
Included in the list of genes are 2 positive controls, KLK3 (kallikrein 3 (prostate specific antigen) and ACPP (acid phosphatase, prostate), 2 prostate biomarkers that are currently used in clinical testing.
The total length of the process was 15 months, beginning with the first meeting of the committee and finishing with the creation of the Cardiovascular Observation Unit and implementation of the ACPP.
The ACPP program consists of third-party module and software vendors who have established a significant presence in embedded and communications market segments.
In 2002, NEXCOM was awarded with membership in Intel's ACPP program.