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ACQAlkaline Copper Quaternary
ACQAcquiescence (IRB)
ACQAll Call Query
ACQAmmoniacal Copper Quaternary (wood preservative)
ACQAmélioration Continue de la Qualité (French: Continuous Improvement of Quality)
ACQAgoraphobic Cognitions Questionnaire
ACQAircraft Quality
ACQAged Care Queensland
ACQAssociation des Consommateurs du Québec (Canada)
ACQAssociation des Clowns du Québec (French: Quebec Clown Association; Canada)
ACQAcademic Call to Quarters (US Air Force Academy)
ACQAfternoon Call to Quarters (military)
ACQAll Courses and Quadrants (aviation)
ACQAppraisal Cost of Quality
ACQAcquisition Qualifier
ACQagreed contractual quantity
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Lecount's mind (without overdoing it), that you are a little disappointed in me, and that you are rather inclined to doubt my heartiness in cultivating your acq uaintance, you will greatly help our present object.
The annual ACQ Global Awards recognise the top M&A and corporate finance practitioners from all geographical regions.
The Cardiff firm was named Franchise Law Firm of the Year and Small Law Firm of the Year at the ACQ Law Awards and Law Firm of Year in Wales by Intercontinental Finance Magazine.
Overall Law Firm of the Year 2009: Cyprus -- with regards to a complete range of legal services offered by the firm, by the ACQ Country Awards for Achievement;
The ACQ and MCQ formulations examined had a copper oxide:quat ratio of 2:1.
Northern Trust Global Investments (NTGI), the asset management arm of Northern Trust, has been named the Investment Management Firm of the Year at the ACQ Country Awards 2009.
ACQ 452 is the tool to help PMs achieve these outcomes.
For copper-treated wood (either as ACQ or CBA) the guidelines are less strict, permitting for up to 2 percent to 3 percent non-arsenical copper-treated wood, or between 45 to 60 pounds of copper-treated wood per ton of wood processed.
The wood preservative industry has experienced tremendous change over the last several months and CSI is proud to play a significant role in the industry's transition to a new generation wood preservatives with the development of ACQ technology," said Mr.
The ACQ measures both the adequacy of, and any changes in, patient asthma control.
Exceptional individuals, teams and firms across the marketplace represent the very best in their field from around the world and truly deserve the accolade of being an ACQ Award winner," stated Jake Robson, Editor in Chief, ACQ.
This study investigates the effect of the relative proportion of copper oxide (CuO) to didecyl dimethyl ammonium carbonate (DDACb) in an alkaline copper quat (ACQ) formulation on the rate of copper fixation or stabilization and the resistance of treated wood to leaching of copper and quat (DDACb) for different ACQ retentions in wood.