ACRCAsthma Clinical Research Center
ACRCAmerican Civil Rights Coalition
ACRCAdvanced Cisco Router Configuration
ACRCAir Conditioning and Refrigeration Center (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
ACRCAgricultural Container Research Council
ACRCAcademic and Corporate Relations Center
ACRCAtlantic City Race Course (Hamilton, NJ)
ACRCAdvanced Computing Research Centre (various locations)
ACRCAging Clinical Research Center
ACRCAfrican Community Resource Center
ACRCArcata Community Recycling Center (California; est. 1970)
ACRCAssured Crew Return Capability
ACRCActive Component/Reserve Component
ACRCAssociation of Commercial Records Centers
ACRCAlternate Control & Reporting Center
ACRCAdvanced Cancer Research Center
ACRCAircrew Reception Centre (UK)
ACRCAsociación Cultural para la Realización de Conciertos
ACRCAnanda College Rowing Crew
ACRCAdvanced Casting Research Center (WPI Metal Processing Institute, Worcester, MA)
ACRCAptos Coffee Roasting Company (Aptos, CA)
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The overall winner - and winner of the Local Retailers category - was ACRC Computer Repair Centre of Formby.
A key focus at the ACRC is on developing advanced processes, which has led to extensive work on processes that will permit the production of carbon-fiber parts without the use of autoclaves, such as resin transfer molding (RTM), which produces parts under high pressure and vacuum RTM, wherein resin is forced into the carbon-fiber prepreg with negative pressure.
Decker, the manager of the Forensics Unit at ACRC, is the project director and an experienced social worker with a commitment to developing appropriate services for individuals with developmental disabilities.
According to IBM, this new system will include a hybrid cloud and provide the backbone for ACRC electronic platforms such as 'e-People' or its call service hub 'The 110 Government Call Centre'.
The IBM mainframe solution will allow ACRC to handle its integrated database workloads on 20 virtual machines - as the system expands; this number is projected to increase to more than 100 virtual machines and to cover all ACRC departments by the end of 2015.
Les Haywood of ACRC said: "If storage had not been available then the locomotives would have been lost.
Prior to joining ACRC, Perkins spent 14 years as the owner and operator of solid waste management firms, implementing innovative and cost-effective refuse and recyclables collection systems.
ACRC provides a range of services for the Afro-Caribbean and wider community of Winson Green, including a free legal and welfare rights advice as well as a senior citizens club and community radio.
ACRC TR-184, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, U.
In 2003, ACRI and ACRC paid him $314,079 while he managed two people.
AG CONTAINER RECYCLING COUNCIL REMAINS UPBEAT DESPITE THREAT OF ANOTHER DEFECTION United Agri Products has advised ACRC that it may leave unless efficiency is improved and the problem of "freeloaders" is addressed.
The project is financially supported by the ACRC (an NsF-founded Industry-University Cooperative Research Center) and the ASHRAE Grant-in-aid program.