ACRFAustralian Cancer Research Foundation (est. 1984)
ACRFARM Climate Research Facility
ACRFAfrican Crisis Response Force
ACRFAcronym Creation Request Form (humor)
ACRFAmerican Committees on Foreign Relations (Washington, DC)
ACRFAnnotated Case Report Form
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ACRF, Kenneth Smith, "Industrial Hygiene--Survey of Men in Dusty Areas," 1949, "Asbestos Chronology," 46.
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2 days for patients with ACRF, which was slightly longer than previously reported.
1) [22 {17-28}] Reason for the initiation of mechanical ventilation ACRF 59 (11.
Unfortunately, ACRF was not well received by most African nations.
Committed to salvaging the ACRF concept and resolving the objections to it, the United States formed an interagency working group in early 1997.
Eurest held its grand re-opening of the newly renovated ACRF Cafe on September 15, implementing Balance Kitchen, which includes daily and weekly offerings marked as "Sensible Selections," and highlights better-for-you options throughout the cafe.
As the program continues to grow and develop over time, customers can expect to see an expanded selection of sustainable foods and products offered at the ACRF Cafe.
ACRF Chairman Tom Dery said, The Australian Cancer Research Foundation funds only the most promising cancer research initiatives across the country and there s no doubt that this new centre will fast-track discoveries with a focus on improved diagnosis and treatments for all types of cancer.
Cancer is a devastating disease that touches us all in some way and with cancer diagnoses on the rise, the opening of the ACRF Cancer Genomics Facility in Adelaide could not have come at a better time.
ACRF believes the fundamental religious freedom of the Catholic Church, its charitable institutions and the conscience of the faithful have been infringed upon by a flawed political agenda.