ACRGAtmospheric Chemistry Research Group (University of Bristol; UK)
ACRGAlamo City Rollergirls (San Antonio, TX)
ACRGAnnual Compound Rate of Growth
ACRGApplied Chemometrics Research Group
ACRGAdvanced Code Review Group
ACRGArchaeological Computing Research Group (UK)
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ACRG is a rapidly growing wholesale distributor of air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment and supplies with 36 locations in 9 states, generating over $100 million in annual sales.
The goal of the ACRG is to improve the knowledge of cancers prevalent in Asia and to accelerate drug discovery efforts by freely sharing the resulting data with the scientific community.
Through its work and the subsequent sharing of information, the ACRG hopes to empower researchers, foster innovation and improve the prognosis and treatment of patients with cancer," said Gary Gilliland, M.
Initially, the ACRG will focus on lung and gastric cancers, two of the most common forms of cancer in Asia.
The ACRG was established to fuel research directed towards improving our understanding of cancers affecting Asian populations.
Formed in 2010, ACRG is an independent, not-for-profit company established jointly by Eli Lilly and Company, MSD (known as Merck in the United States and Canada), and Pfizer Inc.