ACRPSAdvanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist
ACRPSAcropectoral Syndrome
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It is the first conference of its kind in the Arab world which hopefully would lead to hosting of similar discussions or conferences in the future," said Azmi Bishara, General Director of ACRPS, on the occasion.
The conference is hosted by the ACRPS as its Third Annual Conference of Arab Research Centres, an event which brings together Arab research centres to discuss strategic and policy studies in the region.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Marwan Kabalan, a researcher at ACRPS and a workshop participant, underlined the timely nature of this question, which the Arab region's peoples and leaders have all by now considered, and which will play an important role in leaders' decisions not just in this context, but in others which are in one way or another related to Iran and its regional role.
Speaking on Saturday at the opening of a two-day conference entitled o[umlaut]From Peoples'Revolutions to an Arena of Regional and International Conflict: The Rise of ISIL and Renewed American Involvement' organized by the ACRPS, Bishara said that the Assad's step also made the Syrian people suspicious of Iran's involvement in ISIL activities.
Eminent experts from across the world took part in the conference titled, 'The Arab World and the US: Interests and Concerns in a Changing Environment', and organised by ACRPS to discuss the current US policies towards the Arab world from an academic perspective.