ACSADArab Center for the Study of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (Syria)
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For his part, ACSAD Director-General Rafiq Ali Saleh hailed the earnest work of ACF in supporting the projects of affected farmers in Daraa, Hasaka, al-Raqqa and Deir Ezzor provinces, noting that the budget of these projects exceeded USD 5 million.
ACSAD Director Rafiq Ali Saleh asserted on the center adherence to scale up cooperation in carrying out searching programs in all Arab countries, particularly in dry or semi dry areas, mentioning Syria's role in supporting the center.
Based in Damascus, ACSAD was established in 1968 as an Arab organization that is aimed at unifying efforts to develop scientific agricultural research in dry and arid zones, exchange information and expertise and import advanced technologies to increase agricultural production.
ACSAD Director-General Rafiq Ali Saleh, for his part, hailed the unlimited support provided by Syria to the center, adding that the cooperation between ACSAD and the Ministry is daily and constant.
Arab institutions with ACSAD to formulate an action plan through which given
He stressed that the research took him five years of constant work until he, in cooperation with the Commission, came up with the new strain ACSAD 1133, which is "a strain of good productivity if compared to other breeds", adding that it will be available in the markets for peasants soon.
Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Ahmad al-Qaderi, stressed that signing the memo is a result of the distinguished cooperation between the Ministry and ACSAD which had a positive impact on the agricultural production.
The first meeting of the liaison officers of the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD) is of great importance to the body's future operation and performance, as it would tackle impediments hindering joint Arab action, said an ACSAD official told KUNA on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, ACSAD is implementing a project in cooperation with the Agriculture Ministry to improve the living conditions of rural families in a number of villages in Raqqa province.
the sidelines of his participation in the 30th Meeting of the ACSAD, which
ACSAD Director General Rafiq Ali Saleh indicated to the importance of these workshops and training courses as a part of the project's executive program, adding that the project has set an example that can be applied in other Arab countries in terms of its integrated development project that ensures the development of the region and optimal and sustainable investment of its natural resources.
Agrarian Reform and head of the ACSAD General Assembly, a number of Arab