ACSATAsian College of Science and Technology (Manila, Philippines)
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Objective Policy Categories Environmental Environmental IDOOR Health Health WATSUP ACSAT DALY PM10 Ecosystem Air Quality Vitality and Natural Resource OZONE Management Water Resources WATQI WATSTR Water Stress Biodiversity CRI and Habitat Index EFFCON AZE MPAEEZ Productive Natural FORGRO Resources MTI Marine Trophic Index AGSUB Agricultural Subsidies Sustainable GHGCAP Energy CO2KWH Emissions Per Electricity Generation CO2IND Industrial Carbon Intensity Objective Indicators Indicator Weight within Description Category Weight within EPI Environmental Indoor Air Pollution .
AFATDS 10 1030 SC SC BDE BDE TOC conducts TACSAT TACSAT TOC net call on SC Network ACSAT requesting Call Communication Status Report, 11 1045 Iridium Iridium BN CPs BN Battle Captains Phone call BDE Battle Call Captain and confirm heir phone number on hone roster.