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ACSMAmerican College of Sports Medicine
ACSMAssociation Canadienne pour la Santé Mentale (Canadian Mental Health Association)
ACSMAmerican Congress on Surveying and Mapping
ACSMAccumulated Campaign Service Medal (UK)
ACSMAlternative Coupon Satisfaction Mechanism
ACSMAnti-Ship Cruise Missile
ACSMAdvanced Conventional Standoff Missile
ACSMAssociate of the Camborne School of Metalliferous Mining
ACSMAsian Seminary of Christian Ministries (Philippines)
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I recommend finding a degreed exercise physiologist or a certified personal trainer from a respected organization, such as the ACSM, the National Strength Conditioning Association, or the National Academy of Sports Medicine," advises Geisel.
The ACSM (2014) recommended workload should be based on the FITT protocol: frequency, intensity, time, and type of activity.
Less than one-fourth of pregnant women meet minimum exercise recommendations from the ACOG and the ACSM.
But she added that ACSM recommends balance training at least twice a week.
E possivel observar variacoes importantes nas concordancias, com valor de Kappa variando de 0,16 (concordancia pobre), para a categoria muito ativo nas recomendacoes da OMS e do IOM, ate 0,98 (concordancia excelente), para a categoria ativo insuficiente nas recomendacoes IPAQ e ACSM.
do teste de Cooper, foi feito de acordo com o Manual do ACSM (2011) ja o do MSRT de acordo com Leger e colaboradores, (1988) encontrado tambem em Ruiz e colaboradores (2008).
Criterion standards were selected based on recommended ACSM standards and were age-adjusted values that reflected fair or average scores for each of the HRF test (ACSM, 1995, 2008; Heyward 2006).
Conclusion: Playing 30 minutes of handball on most, if not all, days of the week will meet or exceed physical activity recommendations according to ACSM.
This study found that a single QiDance class met ACSM guidelines for relative exercise intensity and caloric expenditure and thus may be another option for individuals looking for an effective, yet enjoyable aerobic workout.
lead to questioning of the positions that the ACSM had derived from that
Key factors like an increase in farmers markets indicated that the Twin Cities' residents are moving towards healthier lifestyles and eating habits, according to ACSM.
In their 2010 guidelines, the ACSM writes that this is an aerobic level "which can be comfortably sustained for a prolonged period of time (45 minutes).