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ACT2Advanced Customer Technology Test
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Situation 1: When the interoperating actors Actl and Act2 use the same ontologies: This means that is a same understanding that may rely on the use of one or several ontologies, which are identical.
During an FAI after a prisoner hanged himself at Addiewell jail, West Lothian, in 2009 it emerged that staff had little experience of ACT2 Care procedures.
The two ACT participants' results are consistent with the raw scores: PF was most notable for ACT1 and all three processes increased in ACT2.
ACT2 As Siegfried sits by the lake, the swans transform into the beautiful Princess Odette and her followers.
Integrating ad pepper media's real-time bidding solution adEXplorer into Act2 - React2Media's comScore-rated video ad network - delivers relevant ads at significantly lower rates than currently available pre-roll video ad units.
The market includes: - a firm phase: basic mission design and implementation, (april, pro, Act1, Act2, Visa, det, UCI, aor) and complementary missions RES (network survey) EIA 1 (request on a case by If Dreal) - a conditional phase one: making a application for authorization under the Water Act (Dle) - a conditional phase 2 implementation of an impact assessment environment (Eie2) - a conditional phase 3: achieving concertion / public meetings (Rep).
Send written comments to Conroy, care of ACT2 Enterprise Team, P.
The sequence of primers as following: B-MDIEA-NAT1, 5'-CACCCGGATCCGG GATCATGGACATTGAAGC-3', nt 435-454, GenBank accession number X17059; VPKHGD-X-NAT1, 5'-GGTCCTCGAGTCAATCACCATGTTTGGGCAC3', nt 1295-1278, GENBANK accession number X17059; FP1 -NAT2, 5'-CTAGTTCCTGGTTGCTGGCC-3', nt 79-98, GenBank accession number NM-000015; RP1-NAT2, 5'-TAACGTGAGGGTAGAGAGGA-3', nt 1073-1054, GenBank accession number NM-0000 15; Act b1, 5'-GCTCGTCGTCGACAACGGCTC-3', nt 94-114, GenBank accession number NM-001101; Act2 b2, 5'-CAAACATGATCTGGGTCATCTTCTC-3', nt 446-422, GenBank accession number NM-O011O1 (Blum et al.
Features of the Thermal Matrix ACT2 and IP-500 systems include improved concealed object threat detection through target identification, target tracking, and color analysis of potential PBIEDs.
Mail comments: Scott Conroy, Forest Supervisor, c/o ACT2, P.
In addition to the new Axcelerator devices, other families supported by the Synplify software include: ProASIC Plus, ProASIC, 54SXS, eX, 54SXA, 54SX, 42MX, 40MX, 3200DX, ACT3, ACT2 and ACT1.
Most recently, Thermal Matrix added the IP-500 to its line, technology that provides the same features as the complete ACT2 system, but is designed as an add-on component where infrared sensors are already deployed.