ACTDAdvanced Concept Technology Demonstration/Demonstrator (US DoD)
ACTDA Call to Duty (Star Trek)
ACTDAdvanced Concept Technical Demonstration
ACTDAustralian Conference of TAFE Directors
ACTDAutomated Command Training Division
ACTDAcoustic Charge Transport Device
ACTDAda High Level Computer Programming Language
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The CBRN Unmanned Ground Reconnaissance ACTD objective addressed current warfighting shortfalls and the present limitations of manned CBRN reconnaissance, including requirements for operators to dismount from their collective protection systems to survey potential contamination in vehicle-inaccessible areas.
A successful ACTD program requires solid program management and, in this case, a balance between discipline and flexibility in scheduling, careful consideration of risk mitigation options, and concise but thorough communications.
The impact of ACTD programs was recognized early on, when a 1995 ACTD of the Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) created an immediate and lasting demand for remotely piloted vehicles.
The ACTD has two components: the creation of a joint contaminated surface detector and the integration of available detectors onto an unmanned ground vehicle, said Peter Annunziato, technical manager.
In 2001, after years of development, the CASPOD ACTD was proposed to U.
The quantity of systems in the ACTD is sufficient to provide a valid assessment of the capability, or simulations are used to expand the battlespace and forces involved in the exercise.
By 1999 some 20 percent of ACTD products were supporting Operation Allied Force in Kosovo, By 2001 thirty products were deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan as well as Operation Noble Eagle at home.
Previous experience at the Engineer Research and Development Center-Topographic Engineering Center, includes the Rapid Terrain Visualization ACTD, Army Space Technology Office, and terrain database generation.
The MOUT ACTD is set up to improve the survivability of soldiers in an urban environment.
Caption: 3D data come from a variety of sources; the Battlespace Vista ACTD combines intelligence and situational awareness in an immersive and interactive environment, where a complex scene can be slaved to the user's point of view for maximum situational understanding and decision support (Thales).
The resulting ACTD put state-of-the-art chemical biological detection and protection technology into the hands of the warfighter at an accelerated pace allowing defensive capabilities to counter the rapidly evolving conditions on the battlefield.
We have had 10 nations over the last few years enter the ACTD and actively participate with forces and technologies.