ACTFAustralian Children's Television Foundation
ACTFAmerican College Theater Festival
ACTFArmy Constructive Training Federation
ACTFAdvanced Components Test Facility
ACTFAnti Chronos Task Force
ACTFAltitude Control Test Facility
ACTFAmerican Children's Television Festival
ACTFAdvanced Collective Training Facility
ACTFAeronautical Charting Task Force
ACTFAdvanced Cockpit Training Familiarization
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This funding will provide opportunities for Victorian producers to create innovative projects, and enable the ACTF to continue to provide distribution advances to Victorian projects.
ACTF s CEO, Jenny Buckland said she was delighted to extend the partnership with Film Victoria for a further three years.
What we want to do is migrate into what we call the Objective Systems, the Objective ACTF, and that would be made up of WARSIM and OneSAF, plus a system called JDLM, the Joint Deployment Logistics Model," Dietrick said.
The challenge for us with ACTF is that we have, especially in the early versions, a fairly sizeable number of models that we are trying to tie together," he said.
They are drawn from the following ACTF productions: Animalia, My Place, Mortified, Noah & Saskia, Casa de Evil, The Paper Boy, Boy Soldiers and Worst Best Friends.
With this resource, the ACTF has circumvented that process, providing a set of appealing, age-appropriate examples with a variety of suggestions for their use in the classroom setting.
In addition, Merck and ACTF have agreed to the following initiatives:
Merck and the ACTF maintain a mutual commitment to partner together to assess the situation and to find solutions that will provide relief to sustain ADAPs.
In addition, Boehringer Ingelheim and the ACTF continue negotiations and expect to provide additional discounts and rebates to troubled ADAPs.
Bristol-Myers Squibb has worked with the ACTF since its inception in 2002 to help ensure access to HIV medications, such as REYATAZ([R]) (atazanavir) and SUSTIVA([R]) (efavirenz).
In addition to enhancing the agreement with ACTF, Bristol-Myers Squibb offers people living with HIV/AIDS multiple ways to obtain medicine at reduced or no cost to the patient through the Bristol-Myers Squibb "Access Virology" program.