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ACTIAAlameda County Transportation Improvement Authority (Oakland, CA)
ACTIAAssociation de Coordination Technique pour l'Industrie Agro-Alimentaire (France)
ACTIAAdvisory Council on Tennessee Indian Affairs
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ACTIA Telecom's TravelSat in Ka-band is easily deployable (less than 10 minutes), weighs less than 32kg, which means it can be transported by one person, and is IATA suitcase-compliant thanks to its compact size (480mm x 520mm x 880mm).
Automotive electronic systems provider the ACTIA Group will use Sierra Wireless AirPrime AR Series modules in its ACU-II (ACTIA Connect Unit second generation) platform to allow drivers to connect and manage various functions of vehicles through a smartphone application, enabling them to, for example, lock or unlock their doors or turn on the heater.
a) Actia Flash, dedicado a solventar necesidades concretas.
Swedish automotive test equipment developer and manufacturer Opus Prodox AB said on Thursday (25 October) that it has landed a SEK2m order from the French company Actia.
me iuuet hesternis positum languere corollis, quem tetigit iactu certus ad ossa deus: (60) Actia Vergilio custodis litora Phoebi Caesaris et fortes dicere posse rates, qui nunc Aeneae Troiani suscitat arma (64) iactaque Lauinis moenia litoribus.
ACTIA was organized in 1992 to market the wine of several cooperatives located in the region of Velke Pavlovice.
37-38 reads: cerne ducem, modo qui fremitu complevit inani / Actia damnatis aequora militibus: [Consider the general who, lately, amid the futile commotion, filled the Ambracian gulf with doomed soldiers].
Ramouni had assumed day-to-day operations of the ACTIA U.
Co-director of Actia, Christophe Chilton, said: "The awards represent a result of in depth research and team spirt.
LV7/STLN(VF) 2202400 24VDC-12VDC Converter Actia MA