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ACTINAlternative Crops Technology Interaction Network (UK)
ACTINAcquis Communautaire Training Initiative (postal integration program, European Union)
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Since receptor-binding Fn peptides decrease focal contacts, disturb cytoskeletal elements such as actin and decrease Fn receptor aggregation in fibroblasts, we have proposed that Fn-fs have similar effects in chondrocytes and that these changes in receptor and cytoskeletal elements alter the location of upstream kinases near receptors which leads to altered signal transduction and emergence of inflammatory MAP kinase pathways.
In skeletal or cardiac muscles, actin filaments are also associated with troponin, (8) which is a calcium-binding protein that regulates contraction.
32) Interactions between myosin and actin change during the myosin displacement (upper trace in Fig.
Ueno, "Acceleration of actin polymerization and rapid microfilament reorganization in cultured hepatocytes by cyclochlorotin, a hepatotoxic cyclic peptide," Toxicon, vol.
They found that when actin enters and stays in the nucleus, it enhances gene expression in a way that causes the cell to become an osteoblast.
Caption: Doing the twist Fibers of the protein actin (green) grow and bend over the course of more than four hours.
ACTIN said when it first visited the premises there were even more animals there than it eventually rescued.
Initially, we have slided actin filaments on either side of A band in a single sarcomere toward its center.
Rearrangement of actin cytoskeleton is highly influenced by the activity of Rho family GTPases (Rho, RhoG, Rac, and Cdc42), while guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) can activate Rho GTPases by the exchange of GDP for GTP (Rossman et al.
The researchers have succeeded in detecting filament assembly of the parasite actin II proteins.
Don Bigler, Senior Software Engineer at AREVA, said, 'AREVA chose Actin for its advanced control capabilities, its ability to reason about 3D environments, and the fact that it is robot agnostic.