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ACTIQAssociation des Clubs de Tennis Intérieurs du Québec (French)
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In October 2005, the doctor prescribed, and the pharmacy filled, a prescription for 900 lollipops of Actiq for $15,900.
Actiq was approved for use by "opioid-tolerant cancer patients with breakthrough cancer pain.
The letters also state that Fentora is not a generic version of Actiq, and should not be substituted for Actiq or other products containing fentanyl.
The company currently markets three proprietary products in the United States: PROVIGIL, GABITRIL (tiagabine hydrochloride) and ACTIQ (oral transmucosal fentanyl citrate) (C-II) and more than 20 products internationally.
Last month Elan raised $370 million through the sale of US, Canadian and Japanese rights to its anti-fungal treatment Abelcet and another $50 million with the sale of its cancer treatment Actiq.
Actiq was one of the opioids prescribed and attributed to 80% of the monthly costs alone.
Sales of pain drugs edged down 3%, in part due to ongoing generic competition for its pain treatment Actiq.
We had good results with Actiq for breakthrough pain for cancer patients and patients with severe, chronic pain," said Mr.
American company Cephalon acquired treatment Actiq just a` day after Elan announced on Wednesday that it had sold the rights of its antifungal treatment Abelcet for US$370 to another US drugs company.