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ACTIVAssociation of Cardiac Technology in Victoria (Australia)
ACTIVArmy Concept Team in Vietnam
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The after noon breeze would incite to a weird and flabby activ ity all that crowded mass of clothing, with its vague suggestions of drowned, mutilated and flattened hu manity.
Activ has supported people living with intellectual and developmental disability for more than 65 years, providing a range of support services for people of all ages.
Add a measure of washing powder or liquid to the Magic dispenser of the Activ Dual Wash to create a powerful water vortex that disperses the detergent evenly.
The Tornadoes and the Tri Activ Spikers collide at 7 p.
General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, has launched the 2017 Chevrolet Spark Activ in the United States.
As the business grows, Mr Gillespie said he is determined to keep the client at the heart of its strategy, launching an Activ Customer Experience Programme to make sure they deliver top service to customers.
The challenge when developing PlumePort ActiV was to ensure that the filter functions for the longest of surgical procedures and be as compact as possible.
a Antiac Daily is ideal for mild imperfections and occasional breakouts, or the hard hitting Anitac Activ tackles persistent problems or flare-ups.
The Samsung I9295 S4 Activ was spotted when it was certified by the Bluetooth SIG, and its user agent profile has emerged on Samsung's official website.
Percept Activ organized a series of activities ranging from a coffee session of Uninor employees with Mr.
Two providers of low-latency technology, Fixnetix and ACTIV, have released new hardware to support microsecond trading and compliance with market access regulations.