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ACTRAAlliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists
ACTRAAmerican Cowboy Team Roping Association (est. 1983; various locations)
ACTRAAtlantic Canada Trail Riding Association (est. 1980)
ACTRAAustralian Capital Territory Rowing Association
ACTRAAssembly Contingency Transmitter Receiver/Amplifier
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Of significant importance to ACTRA is that performers are paid appropriately for the work that they do.
When you see them bringing in American actors, there's a problem," says Joanne Deer, ACTRA director of public policy.
Actors union ACTRA is among the consumer groups looking forward to the hearings.
The award was presented by ACTRA at a noon luncheon.
Toronto offers 30 years of production experience with 25,000 crew, 10,000 ACTRA members, a million square feet of studio space and a full range of post-production, animation and visual/special effects services.
The awards list continued on to include: Rick Mercer for the Sir Peter Ustinov Comedy Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award for Sir David Attenborongh, the Outstanding Achievement Award/CFT Fellowship Prize went to writer Karen Walton, and accepting the Award for ACTRA having existed for 60 years was Don McKellar who said, with his trademark aplomb, "I'd like to thank the Banff Television Foundation for giving a Canadian actor a small part to play in a festival celebrating American television.
Canada was the most converged country in the world even before Shaw bought CanWest and Bell picked up CTV," says Stephen Waddell, national executive director of Canadian actors union ACTRA.
ACTRA, the union representing Canadian English-language media talent, took advantage of the upfront event to let broadcasters know they will lobby hard during 2011 license renewal hearings for the regulatory agency to boost exhibition and spending requirements on Canadian content.
ACTRA initiates the ACTRA Awards for the best in Canadian television.
It's good news that the company remains in Canadian hands," says Stephen Waddell, national executive director of actors' union ACTRA.