ACUBArmy Compatible Use Buffer Program
ACUBAlma College Union Board (Alma, MI)
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The collaborative nature of the JBLM ACUB is one of the main strengths of the program.
The ACUB office at the Pentagon knows of eight-day convoy missions cut into segments lasting 14 days because of noise and dust complaints by community leaders, and digital firing ranges have been closed because half-million-dollar homes were built just on the other side of the fence line.
Other partners are willing to take on that mantle, and ACUB makes it possible.
Ryder became the first owner to sign on to the Fort Sill ACUB in July.
Through the ACUB program, installations are working to preserve their mission, the natural resources on and off the installation, and the quality of life in surrounding communities.
this approach, the RTLS identifies 12 ACUB priorities:
Camp Blanding, Florida, established the first ACUB in September
established the second ACUB with the Prairie to Pines Partnership to
ACUB partnerships are also underway at major power projection
Fort Carson has an approved ACUB proposal to purchase a
Environmental Center ACUB point of contact is Scott Belfit, (410)
All installations can evaluate ACUBs as a possible tool to mitigate