ACUCAnimal Care and Use Committee
ACUCAnimal Care and Use Committee (aka Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, IACUC)
ACUCAssociació Catalana d'Uròlegs de Comarques
ACUCAdvisory Council on Unemployment Compensation
ACUCThe American Canadian Underwater Certifications, Inc.
ACUCArea Common User Computer
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The handling of the mice was according to the guidelines of the Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and was approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Used Committee (IA-CUC) of Zhejiang Province, with ACUC number SCXK2003-0001.
She called the overall ACUC conference a huge energy boost for her credit union.
All research protocols were approved by the University of Georgia Animal Care and Use Committee (UGA ACUC A980121C1).
A Google search of "San Francisco walking tours" will give you the lowdown in granular fashion, but to whet your appetite, here are some photos of sights that you can get to easily from ACUC.
Bill Cheney announced from the stage at ACUC opening session that CUNA is working on a more focused and unified message for credit unions to communicate with consumers.