ACUROAnimal Care and Use Review Office (adminstered by US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command)
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Operating temperature range is -40 to 100 degrees Celsius for the ACURO Industry, and -15 to 120 degrees Celsius for the ACURO Drive.
Alarm messages signaled by ACURO encoders are easily recognized by service personnel due to their bright red LED color -- and no time is wasted searching for location plans.
Electronics speed systems setup -- ACURO encoders feature integrated data storage, which allows the detection of individual encoders and allows parameterization: a significant benefit in OEM applications due to reduced adjustment and assembly times, and a further step towards safety and reliability.
Setup software for the ACURO series runs under Windows and is easy to apply even by occasional users.
Always ready to connect -- ACURO can communicate with any type of control system using common formats, ranging from parallel (gray or binary code) to such field buses as Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, CAN Layer2 Interbus, and SSI.
ACURO is also available with the new freely licensable BiSS (Bidirectional Synchronous Serial Interface) digital output.
Platform concept -- The ACURO encoder series is based on a common platform for a multitude of product variants, which makes possible a wide variety of high-precision encoders at low cost.