ACVCAda Compiler Validation Capability
ACVCAtlantic Coast Veterinary Conference
ACVCArms Control Verification Committee
ACVCAdvanced Combat Vehicle Crewman (US Marine Corps)
ACVCArmy Commercial Vehicle Code
ACVCAir-Cooled Vault Concept
ACVCAdvanced Color Video Chip
ACVCAnnual Contract Value per Client (finance)
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The measure of success for this initiative includes the growth in ACV and ACVC, and improvement in dollar retention.
New client ACVC decreased 21% to $12,464 from $15,759 in Q2 2014.
New client ACVC decreased 14% to $14,240 from $16,577 in Q1 2014.
In addition, ACVC for new clients increased 5% to $14,514 from $13,860 in Q4 2013.
Onvia's President and CEO, Hank Riner, observed that, "The growth in national and regional acquisition bookings and corresponding improvement in ACVC continues to validate our adoption of a new target market strategy developed in October 2013.
The higher ACVC and first year retention for target market clients continue to validate our new target market and translates into an improved business model.
Our strategy is to continue to improve profitability by acquiring and managing fewer strategic clients at a higher ACVC.
New client ACVC increased 53% to $13,599 from $8,891 in Q4 2012.
New client ACVC increased to $10,405 from $8,862 in Q3 2012.
Blended ACVC may fluctuate in sequential quarters until Enterprise results become more consistent.
We measure the success of our marketing initiatives through improvements in ACV and ACVC.
ACVC has nearly sextupled in the past year to today's closing quote of $48.