ACWCAssault Cube World Cup (multiplayer gaming competition)
ACWCAssociation of Certified Wedding Consultants (Plano, Texas)
ACWCAmerican Cellars Wine Club
ACWCAmerican Civil War Center (Virginia)
ACWCAgape Christian Worship Center (Albany, GA)
ACWCActual Cost of Work Completed
ACWCAllied Christian Worship Centre (Stevenage, Herts, UK)
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This argument makes sense of the defining characteristics of ASEAN's gender engagement--the distinction between the elite conservatism and "practitioner-activism" and how the ACWC is positioned within the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community, despite its clear rights agenda.
17) ASEAN, "The ACWC Work Plan (2012-2016)", Jakarta, 2-5 July 2012, available at <http ://www.
The ACWC faces normative and institutional challenges.
77) Given that the ACWC has to coordinate with the ASEAN
The ACWC has created a marketing strategy to realize its goals and ambition, said Tarawneh.
Through analyzing the market's needs and increasing customers' satisfaction, ACWC has introduced new varieties such as limestone (CEM II A-L 32.
Unlike the centrally coordinated Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign (Solo, 1988; Kleidman, 1993; Wittner, 2003), the ACWC relied on an informal division of labor among national organizations and a cooperative spirit in carrying out its activities.
The transnational quality of the ACWC was greater than anything previously attempted by a U.
In addition, the Meeting approved the ACWC Work Plan 2016-2020.
The Meeting conducted an open session with Child Rights Coalition (CRC ASIA) who presented to the Meeting its organisation and proposed areas of partnership with ACWC with the focus on child protection.
Important outcomes were achieved in the Meeting, including among others the finalisation of the ACWC Work Plan for 2016-2020.
The ACWC adopted 16 thematic areas of its projects and activities for implementation in the next five years, notably: strengthening institutional capacity of ACWC, elimination of violence against women and children, the right of children to participate in all affairs that affect them, trafficking in women and children, promotion and protection of the rights of women and children with disabilities, Child Protection System: Comprehensive / Integrative Approach for Children in Need for Special Protection (e.