ACWDAlameda County Water District (Tri-Cities, California)
ACWDAverage Coset Weight Distribution
ACWDAssisting Children with Disabilities (Redlands, CA)
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Unlike many other California water utilities, which relied on quantity restrictions to reduce consumption, ACWD used a steeply increasing block rate structure as one of its drought management policies.
11) These data were matched with the ACWD price schedule; monthly precipitation and maximum, minimum, and average temperatures from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather station in Newark; and Alameda County tax assessor data.
In July 1991, ACWD introduced a steeply increasing block rate structure as a drought management policy.
Table 10 shows total single-family residential use and revenues from the ACWD survey response and predicted values derived from the maximum-likelihood models by calculating predicted water use for the 54,488 single-family residences in the Alameda County tax assessor data file.
Part of the data collected by ACWD for its demand analysis had to be retrieved from archived paper records (Brown and Caldwell 1992).
The blocks were also chosen to be evenly distributed across the ACWD service area, including some blocks in the eastern hills, and to reflect the distribution of property values for the entire ACWD area (Brown and Caldwell 1992, 2-11 to 2-12).
at the block group level for the census tracts corresponding to the ACWD service area and matched these data with the household data using the geographical information system ARC/INFO.
Additionally, VIP PortalManager module will allow the finance department to securely extend payroll information managed by the ACWD JD Edwards accounting software to the intranet.