ACWFAll-China Women's Federation
ACWFAmerica's Clean Water Foundation
ACWFArmy Central Welfare Fund
ACWFArmy Civilian Welfare Fund
ACWFAge Concern Waltham Forest (est. 1982; UK)
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ACWF was founded on April 3, 1949 and it is a mass organisation dedicated to the advancement of Chinese women of all ethnic groups in all paths of life.
ACWF is a multi-tiered organization with local women's federations and group members at every divisional level of government.
Chen Xiurong, vice president of the federation, said that the ACWF was obligated to contribute to the development and health of Buddhist nuns.
China recently hosted a Children's Forum in Beijing, a joint project sponsored by the ILO and organized by the ACWF that brought child representatives from across the country to discuss measures to prevent vulnerable youth from being trafficked and to increase protection and prevention.
By sharing best practices from over three decades of leading the breast cancer movement, we hope to empower the ACWF to teach women in their own country how to implement successful breast cancer awareness and education programs.
In the future the ACWF is to continue this partnership with our Fiji sisters and counterparts.
This is the fifth proposal for a comprehensive anti-violence law submitted by the ACWF to the NPC since 2008.
Evans said the initiative with the ACWF and Komen will establish a collaborative platform to promote breast cancer education and awareness.
PepsiCo is already partnering with CWDF of ACWF and Give2Asia on a clean water project in rural areas of China.
Yan added that the ACWF is assertively lobbying lawmakers to adopt a special law on domestic abuse.
The cooperation between ACWF and PepsiCo is now turning a new chapter with this further donation to Water Cellars for Mothers project," said Mme.
The goal of the Youth Watershed Summit is to encourage the next generation to ready themselves for the transfer of responsibility in protecting and preserving our nation's valuable water resources," ACWF President Robbi Savage said.