ACWLAmerican Crime Writers League
ACWLAircraft Warning Light
ACWLA Channel CW (voltage) Level
ACWLAdvisory Center on WTO (World Trade Organization) Law (Geneva, Switzerland)
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The current staff of the ACWL consists of an Executive Director, four lawyers, one office manager and one secretary.
The Work of the ACWL in its First Year of Operation
The ACWL was able to do a substantial amount of work during its first year in operation.
In India's complaint against the European Union and the United States involving the automotive sector, a case that began in 1998-99 and lasted until 2001, Delhi paid the ACWL an hourly rate of $150 to prepare submissions and statements.
The Peruvian government solicited the help of the ACWL in a dispute involving the European Community.
240) In fact, developing countries have even charged that the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, "has tried to sabotage the ACWL.
235) This decision marked the first Appellate Body proceeding in which a nation was represented by the ACWL.
244) In fact, when the Centre was initially being discussed, the Commission was said to be willing to sue members for contributing funds to the ACWL, claiming that these donations would "weaken co-operation in the common EU interest.
The Commission, for its part, has said that it is opposed to the ACWL simply because better solutions are available, and because an independent center is unnecessary.
261) Dutch Foreign Trade Minister Otto Genee said that his ministry and the Columbian Minister for Trade both sent the United States letters explaining the ACWL and urging them to join, but the United States has "never shown any interest in becoming a member of the ACWL.
The reasoning that the United States and the European Union cannot justify supporting an organization that will challenge their trade laws ignores the fact that aiding the ACWL would lend legitimacy to the WTO as a whole, benefiting all its members.