ACWRArchivists for Congregations of Women Religious (Ohio)
ACWRAfrican Centre for Water Research (Cape Town, South Africa)
ACWRAnchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge (Alaska)
ACWRAberdeen, Carolina and Western Railroad
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Individual athletes' daily ACWR values were outside of the previously described 'safe zone' (0.
week] values were observed alongside high ACWRs, but high ACWRs were well-tolerated when Ln [rMSSD.
The number of whales seen within the ACWR was 36% higher than areas outside of the ACWR with 310 whales seen within the ACWR and 197 whales seen outside the refuge (Figs.
Additionally, the building will house a new repair unit, ACWR Shops LLC, repairing and retrofitting locomotives and passenger and freight cars.