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ACWSAsphalt Concrete Wearing Surface
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ACWSAircraft Control & Warning Squadron
ACWSAircraft Control & Warning System
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In the following question-and-answer (Q&A) interview, LTC Rob Wolfe, product manager for the ACWS program, explains some of the most impactful efficiencies that he and his team implemented to facilitate a source-selection decision and contract award in just 11 months after release of the request for proposals (RFP).
The ACWS has six subscales: Positive Processing, Liberating Feelings, Reader Consciousness, Conflict Processing, Inner Exploration, and Emotional Synthesis.
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Hypothesis 3 was tested using a two-way ANOVA with leadership aspirations entered as the dependent variable and self-esteem, sex, and patriarchal attitudes as categorical independent variables (created by splitting the self-esteem scores and ACWS scores at the averages and then combining ACWS categorizations with gender to create ACWS-Low Men, ACWS-High Men, ACWS-Low Women, ACWS-High Women).
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