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AChESAcetylcholinesterase (synaptic form, biochemistry)
AChESAdvocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors
AChESAbdominal pain, Chest pain, Headaches, Eye problems, Sweling and/or aching in the legs and thighs (mnemonic for side effects of the birth control pill)
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Now Yuan-Ping Pang, director of the Mayo Clinic's Computer-Aided Molecular Design Laboratory, has discovered an insect-specific region on AChE that could presage a new generation of better-targeted pesticides.
A third report was more encouraging to those who groan and ache after a workout.
aches levels and disrupt sebaceous gland function; lights also may have an anti-inflammatory action.
One of the biggest saviors to aches and pains is more ergonomic and easier-to-use tools around the office, including desk chairs, staplers, paper punches, larger and adjustable computer screens and hands-free phone devices.
This will allow broad market protection to continue our strategy of marketing the AT-101 therapeutic vibrator, as a drug-free means to provide acute relief of minor aches and pains associated with osteoarthritis of the hip as well as developing and marketing a less expensive, home version of this device.
Certainly my heart aches for the families of those who died in the automobile accident that resulted from Marcus Lellan's irresponsible driving.
Macleod stated that this additional capital sufficiently funds our business plan and capital requirements through the second quarter of fiscal year 2006 provided the Company receives FDA 510(k) clearance to market the AT-101 therapeutic vibrator, as an effective, safe, non-invasive means for relief of minor aches and pains.
The next time a would-be Cassanova tells you that his heart aches for you, call him a liar.
Also, people in our culture tend to live with aches and pains because they think it's normal.
His body aches, his head aches and he aches at the sight of food.
Today, every muscle aches - even ones you never knew you had.