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AD1Activation Domain 1
AD1Alzheimer's Disease-1 (genomic region)
AD1Assembly Domain 1
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Both AD1 and the troubleshooter agreed that the chip detector was out of limits for normal wear and tear based on the amount of metal particles present.
In spite of all the external conditions working against him, such as the bottom of the rudder towering 18 feet over his head, the operating auxiliary-power unit (APU), and wearing a double-ear David Clark headset, AD1 Burcham heard faint popping sounds he had not heard during his original preflight inspection.
Briefly, 2001 must begin the new millennium, since the first year of the Christian calendar must logically be AD1, not AD0.
Create AD1, E01, RAW, or SMART images of collected data prior to export.
I asked the AD1 to find a tool boxso I could try to remove some linkages.
2011 concerning the abolition of ion detectors ionization chamber, obsolescence of equipment Siemens (all technology detection points Series 9 must be migrated new technology series 20), obsolescence multi-point suction systems AD1 and AD2, and sensors associated with the Series 11 and rehabilitation of ventilation circuits of certain multi-point detection, CEA must perform the migration of the detectors of the fire detection system of the Phoenix Central.
9 AD1 * Changing Organizational Culture--John Falcetano, Chief Audit & Compliance Officer, Vidant Health * NEW THIS YEAR: Advanced Discussion Groups will be Tilled on a first-come, first-served basis.
Of this, AD1 trillion was to be invested in exploration, AD3 trillion was allocated for development of oil and gas fields, and AD1.
The product range includes engraved rotary tools for various applications, which consists of EDM, MARATHON, AD2, Platinum, AD1 and Thermalizer dies.