ADABAAcceptable Data Base
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Adabas databases and their data content are converted to industry-relational technology such as SQL Server, Oracle or DB2 for z/OS.
Our relationship with Software AG will enable Adabas customers to easily access a fantastic data masking product, but it also demonstrates Grid-Tools' continued strategy to increase the number of platforms we support in this space.
According to the company, Data Archiving for Adabas provides automated archiving functions and tools for search, verification, extraction, restore and recovery, helping organisations meet current and emerging data retention requirements, while reducing the load on the production database.
The DOR plans to use DPSync to replicate all critical mainframe Adabas data in real time to Oracle.
Hanson said SAG had acquired the Adabas D database from Nixdorf (now merged with Siemens) in 1990, as a way of competing against Oracle in the SQL database server market.
For decades Adabas and Natural have been at the pinnacle of high performance, high transaction volume, and high availability enterprise computing," said Paul Orme-Smith, Senior Vice President of Sales in North America for Software AG, "which is why Software AG continues to innovate and invest in the technologies to ensure our customers can themselves continue to leverage their core processing systems interoperably with the latest leading edge technologies as they evolve.
Information integration solutions provider Software AG has released its Adabas SQL Gateway, a database for SQL applications.
In a deal little noticed when signed in 1997, SAP acquired full rights to the Adabas D technology from Software AG, which at the time had around 10% of the R/3 user base.
Software AG today announced the availability of Data Archiving for Adabas - a feature-rich tool that lowers the operating costs of Adabas on any platform by removing infrequently used data from the production database and storing it into a long-term archive.
Contract notice: Rv over support performance for natural / adabas software development.
BluePhoenix and its partner will be responsible for the whole project, starting with migration of the ADABAS database to a Microsoft SQL Server database utilising BluePhoenix's automated tools for ADABAS/Natural migrations.