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ADAGEAvionics Domain Application Generation Environment
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Pickwick; and the best, as everybody knows, on the infallible authority of the old adage, could do no more.
The Brit Scots in Westminster, like David Cameron, want us to think that but the Scottish nation drags well above its weight so the old adage does not hold true.
The aim of the Design Adage platform is to give insights to design enthusiasts on how designers think and reflect; unlike other platforms where you could read quotes on design, at the Design Adage website you could also read what the author actually means by her quote; at Design Adage platform not only quotes, but also their explanations, by the very author who write the quote are published.
No doubt the majority of readers will not heed the warning, or indeed the adage, but it's a startling fact that in some cases there may never be another day.
IBM Interactive Experience is ninth on AdAge s list of worldwide largest agencies from all disciplines, up from 13th last year.
I have nothing against gambling, still do it myself, but always remember this old and proven adage.
Business software provider Infor announced on Thursday (26 April) enhancements to the latest version of Infor ERP Adage, a platform-independent ERP solution designed for process manufacturers.
Erasmus began publishing adages in 1500 in a volume of 818 proverbs with comments of a few lines each; published in Paris, it was titled Adagia Collectanea.
RB says: Come off it, Steven, the FA have already disproved that old adage by paying Eriksson a fortune and getting peanuts
LANCASTER - Antelope Valley Hospital employees showed their belief in the adage that it is better to give than to receive with their latest charitable project: a ``shoe box'' drive for the Grace Resource Center.
In keeping with the adage that everything old is new again, developer BSG Management is transforming a trio of former factory buildings into one sensational live/work condominium residence at Mountain Road Lofts here.
That adage "What's done in the dark will come to light" boldly applies to Pete's tempestuous and sexually charged new book.