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ADAMActive Directory Application Mode
ADAMArrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring
ADAMArt, Design, Architecture and Media Information Gateway
ADAMAdvanced Data Management
ADAMAndrogen Deficiency in Aging Males (aka male menopause)
ADAMAssociation d'Anthropologie Méditerranéenne (France)
ADAMAnimated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine
ADAMAdvanced Design and Manufacturing
ADAMArea Denial Artillery Munition
ADaMAnalysis Data Model
ADAMAndrogen Decline in the Aging Male (Syndrome)
ADaMAlgorithm Development and Mining
ADAMAdams National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
ADAMApplication Development and Application Maintenance
ADAMAir Defense and Airspace Management
ADAManother database of abbreviations in MEDLINE
ADAMActive Digital Asset Management
ADAMAdvanced Dynamic Application for Creating Multimedia Content
ADAMAleph Digital Asset Module
ADAMAustralian Data Archive for Meteorology
ADAMAmerican Divorce Association for Men (Michigan)
ADAMAnxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba, Inc. (Canada)
ADAMA Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase Protein
ADAMAir Force Dispersion Assessment Model
ADAMAccelerated Digital Asset Management
ADAMAuthorized Dental Allowance List
ADAMAir Deflection And Modulation
ADAMAngular Distribution Auger Microscopy
ADAMAerial Port Documentation and Management System
ADAMAdvanced Dynamic Anthropomorphic Mannequin
ADAMArmy-wide Devices Automated Management
ADAMAverage Depleted Antarctic Meltwater
ADAMAgricultural Diversification and Markets (Philippines)
ADAMAutomated Development of Analytical Methods (chromatography)
ADAMAffordable Diode Array Manufacturing
ADAMAdvanced Database Asset Management (e-learning asset management system)
ADAMArtillery Delivered Anti-personnel Mine
ADAMAerial Denial Artillery Munition
ADAMAdvanced Digital Access Manager (Sprint)
ADAMAdvanced Digital Avionics Map
ADAMAdvanced Dosimetry Assessment Model
ADAMAutomated Digital Analysis and Measurement
ADAMAdministrative Documentation & Management System
ADAMAdvanced Aircrew Mask
ADAMAir Delivered Attack Marker
ADAMAirbase Damage Assessment Model
ADAMArchitecture Development Analysis Model
ADAMAids to Development, Acceptance & Mastery
ADAMAutonomous Digital Assault Microbe (Sonic the Hedgehog)
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Adam alone had gone on with his work as if nothing had happened.
Seth looked a little conscious, and began to be slower in his preparations for going, but Mum Taft broke silence, and said, "Aye, aye, Adam lad, ye talk like a young un.
Nonsense," said Adam, still wrathful; "what's age got to do with it, I wonder?
Seth lingered, and looked wistfully at Adam, as if he expected him to say something.
Then I'll tell mother not to look for thee," said Adam.
Hitherto Gyp had kept his comfortable bed, only lifting up his head and watching Adam more closely as he noticed the other workmen departing.
said Adam, with the same gentle modulation of voice as when he spoke to Seth.
On leaving the workshop Adam locked the door, took the key out, and carried it to the house on the other side of the woodyard.
As he reached the foot of the slope, an elderly horseman, with his portmanteau strapped behind him, stopped his horse when Adam had passed him, and turned round to have another long look at the stalwart workman in paper cap, leather breeches, and dark-blue worsted stockings.
There was also a heartbreaking tribute from Adam's sisters, Nicola Moore and Joanne Evans, who remembered Adam growing up and his "beautiful smile".
CAN YOU ADAM & EVE IT Peaty cheers beating his own record, and gives a big thumbs up (left)
Adam told his girlfriend, Jessa (Jemima Kirke), that he wants to help Hannah raise her baby.