ADBAAbbotsford Downtown Business Association (British Columbia, Canada)
ADBAAmerican Dog Breeders Association, Inc (Salt Lake City, Utah)
ADBAAmerican Drag Bike Association
ADBAAmerican Drag Boat Association
ADBAAnaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (UK)
ADBAAudiometric Data Base Analysis (hearing)
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To bolster this call, ADBA will utilize its 6th Research and Innovation Forum on 6-7 April in York to moreover develop the AD industrys world-class academic base and to avail how this more funding might best bolster the UK in becoming the market pioneer in anaerobic digestion and bio-processing.
The potential export value of anaerobic digestion technology is over 2 billion per year for a decade, and yet UK exports are currently estimated at just 50 - 100 million, said ADBAs Chief Executive, Charlotte Morton.
However, despite the UK's targets to source 15 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, the chairman of ADBA, Lord Redesdale, has voiced concern that not enough attention has been paid to biogas.
The ADBA was originally set up so pit bulls could be registered to fight.
The government's aim of achieving targets for zero food and packaging into landfill by 2015 has focused attention on ways of developing technology that contribute to a significantly reduced reliance on carbon-based fuels and reducing emissions and the aims of the ADBA will help the process.
With degressing incentives increasingly impacting on the economic viability of AD, the industry has never been under more pressure to improve operational performance, manage environmental risk and to find ways of maximising the energy and fertiliser outputs of the process, said ADBA s CEO Charlotte Morton at the opening ceremony.