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ADCIAutomatic Display Call Indicator
ADCIActing Director of Central Intelligence (job title)
ADCIAssociation of Diving Contractors International, Inc
ADCIAmerican Die Casting Institute
ADCIAssistant Deputy of Central Intelligence
ADCIAirport Design Consultants Inc. (Columbia, MD)
ADCIAfrica Desertification Control Initiative (Nigeria)
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ADCI data are obtained from monthly surveys of approximately 1,000 representative American citizens.
Because of its short life span, the ADCI doesn't yet provide deep insight into the course of citizen perception of the American Dream.
In his speech, Shaikh Abdul Aziz Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the ADCI, said that the new corporate identity was being tailored in accordance with the vision of Shaikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman.
1993; MAJEED & TAHA, 1995), acredita-se que a casuistica no Agreste e Sertao de Pernambuco decorra principalmente da consideravel prevalencia de partos multiplos, predispondo a estatica fetal inadequada (RIET-CORREA, 2007), e possivelmente associada a desequilibrios hormonais ou minerais predispondo a ADCI (THOMAS, 1990; MAJEED et al.
The Intelligence Reform Act of2004 eliminated the ADCI positions.
Telemar, an Italian telecommunications company, is a major investor in ADCI along with TechBank.
Despite not having regulatory jurisdiction, ADCI sets safety standards that are recognized by the U.
Suresh Kumar, ADCI Abdul Qadir Junejo, Civil Surgeon Civil Hospital Badin Dr.
In fact, after the initial incumbents in both the DDCI for Community Management and ADCI for Administration left their positions, the executive branch did not move to fill the offices.
HR PC Pay-Royal Bank of Canada Images (Canadian)-Royal Bank of Canada Infininium Advantage Payroll-Infinium Software Infinium Premium Payroll-Infinium Software InstaPay Payroll-EBS Data Processing Integral ADCI Module-Integral Inc.