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ADCONAdministrative Control
ADCONAnalog to Digital Converter
ADCONAddress Constant
ADCONAdvise All Concerned
ADCONAdvise Concerning
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According to Army Doctrine Publication 4-0, Sustain-ment, ensuring freedom of action, and extending the operational reach of supported units are key aspects of the sustainment warfighting function; providing ADCON support is a key element in accomplishing this.
Nonetheless, providing ADCON services to nonorganic, often geographically disparate, units poses challenges.
Thinking on this ADCON concept predates the actual move to establish this construct for CPTS/CCs.
The idea was to vest in this commander ADCON for all the staff agencies, removing force support squadron ADCON of the wing staff.
12) NATO ADCON is the direction or exercise of authority over subordinate or other organizations in respect to administrative matters such as personnel management, supply, services, and other matters not included in the operational missions of the subordinate or other organizations.
The first of many challenges facing the S3 is how to assist the commander in balancing requirements between the ADCON and OPCON higher headquarters.
Second, an OPCON relationship would effectively cut off the relinquished capability from its main purpose and source of mission--to represent the Army's ADCON responsibility (such as its provision of materiel) in theater.
The figure above shows that the COMAFFOR, as the service component commander, also exercises service ADCON over all assigned or attached AFFOR.
As part of the new C2 relationships, each SMC will be supported by a FORSCOM mission support element (MSE) in the execution of his ADCON and Title 10 responsibilities.
Engineer leaders must doctrinally understand their ADCON and OPCON role because operations in a joint environment will only increase in the future.
ASTRX1 is based on a proprietary design jointly developed with ADCON RF Technology B.
The Company is considering alternatives for submitting this data including submitting either a supplement to its existing ADCON Pre-Market Approval ("PMA") application or submitting a new PMA application to reflect the currently available data on ADCON(R)-L.