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ADCRAlternate Day Calorie Restriction (diet plan)
ADCRAging and Disability Resource Center
ADCRAlternate Destination Call Redirection (AT&T)
ADCRAutomated Document Control Register (EPA)
ADCRAssociation de Défense des Caprins du Rove (French)
ADCRActivity Detail Cost Report
ADCRArthroscopic Distal Clavicle Resection (joint surgery)
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ADCR was an improvement over the industry's traditional compliance recovery process, which placed an administrative burden on financial institutions.
Irfan Nawaz Memon ADCR, MPA Main Naseer and other officials were present on this occasion.
The formulas provide the theoretical underpinnings of a significant advance in the performance of a type of sonar that has become a staple of oceanographic research: the broadband acoustic Doppler current profiler, or ADCR The instrument, which measures water velocity and direction over a range of depths, is widely used by scientists worldwide to measure currents and surface waves and is routinely deployed on ships, moorings, and seafloor installations.