ADCTAnalog-to-Digital Converter (device)
ADCTAdaptive Discrete Cosine Transform
ADCTArt Directors Club of Tulsa (Tulsa, OK)
ADCTAffluent Desktop Currency Trader (electronic book)
ADCTAdoption Dreams Come True (Fort Collins, CO; adoption agency)
ADCTADC (Audio Development Company) Telecommunications (Eden Prairie, MN)
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Under the terms of the transaction, ADCT shareholders will only receive $12.
While ADCT appears to be benefiting from the fallout, ANDW finds itself without a bidder, leaving the shares without a leg to stand on.
Here is a synopsis of why ADCT and CHRD have a Zacks Rank of #5 (Strong Sell) and should most likely be sold or avoided for the next one to three months.