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ADD children reported significantly more symptoms of depression and anxiety than the comparison group.
Youth with ADD respond well to structured, predictable, organized schedules that have clearly defined and reinforced rules.
Other investigators have shown that microbial degradation of plant sterols and cholesterol can produce ADD (Marsheck et al.
A later study supplementing the ADHD children with fatty adds has had promising results.
Stolzenberg and Julkowski (cited in Marshall & Hynd, 1997) hypothesized that children with ADD experience difficulty decoding in reading and computing in math because working memory problems based on attention, interfere with absolute symbol systems necessary to these skill areas.
The circulation function of a library is one which usually adds no value to a person who is standing at the desk ready to check out his/her books.
Some months later the accountant adds both a tape backup unit and a scanner.
Ramsey adds the northeast can certainly make room for plants like the Weyerhaeuser Business Trus Joist, the largest TimberStrand plant in the world, that is hailed as a value-added success in the northwest.