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ADDIAmerican Dream Downpayment Initiative
ADDIAssociation pour le Développement de la Domotique et de l'Immotique (French: Association for the Development of Home and Building Automation)
ADDIAssistant District Director for Investigations
ADDIAssistant Deputy Director for Intelligence
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As the terrain becomes tougher, Addi gleefully tells us about a new phone app used to reduce pressure in the truck's enormous tyres and gain better traction on the snow.
Addi brings deep expertise in creating strong, scalable financial systems to support rapid growth in complex markets.
Tazmin Jessup from Mynydd Llanclegai near Bethesda, and Addi, 15 hand working hunter class Picture ROBERT PARRY JONES
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allocates ADDI funds to over 400 jurisdictions (e.
In addi tion, contact center managers can have a unified view of all customer interaction events, such as queuing, routing and reporting, regardless of media.
In addi tion, the English carried out frequent chevauchees -- indiscriminate raids across the French countryside characterized by looting, burning, rapine, and murder.
Cara Gruber (Stirling) completed a British universities women's championship double yesterday, adding the match-play crown to her stroke-play title with a 3 and 1 win over fellow Scot Addi Shamash.
And rounding out the bunch, the Nowakoskis decided to foster-parent, then adopt, three other children: Addi, 8, Pashi, 4, and finally, Jeremy, 2, who has special needs.
The artists' projects of A 37 90 89 were as varied as a soccer match by Jorg Immendorff's fictitious "LIDL Academy," a bar called Amadeus, which was run by Addi Kepcke and Tomas Schmit, a balloon flight by Panamarenko, Marcel Broodthaers' Musee d'Art Moderne Departement des Aigles, Section XVIIe siecle, and antiracist actions (in one case, they published a list of every local bar and cafe that posted "no foreigners allowed" signs).
Regions Eecrit par La Redaction L e camarade Addi Chagiri qui vient d'etre elu membre de la seconde chambre aux elections du 2 octobre, est incontestablement un militant exemplaire.
Ces visiteurs viennent notamment des communes de M'sila, Ouled Derradj, Souamaa, Ouled Addi Lekbala, Barhoum et Magra pour jouir aussi de la fraicheur de la foret situee pres de la montagne Taguerboust s'elevant a 1.
Addi bw But Fulham boss Symons believes Frederic Bulot was in an offside position in the build-up to the equaliser.