ADDLAnimal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (University of the Philippines, College of Veterinary Medicine)
ADDLAmerican Double Dutch League
ADDLAmyloid Beta-Derived Diffusible Ligand
ADDLAerodrome Dummy Deck Landings
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Measuring ADDL binding with and without oleocanthal, they discovered that small amounts of oleocanthal effectively reduced binding of ADDLs to hippocampal synapses.
Known as ADDLs, these highly toxic proteins bind within the neural synapses of the brains of Alzheimer's patients and are believed to directly disrupt nerve cell function, eventually leading to memory loss, cell death, and global disruption of brain function.
The particles dragged along any ADDLs in the sample.
To enable them to quickly detect the protein clumps after this extraction, the scientists had included in each sample gold particles carrying antibodies to ADDLs.
Measurement of ADDL levels could eventually serve as a diagnosis of Alzheimer disease, especially in its early stages, and could be more accurate than the cognitive evaluations currently used, says Klein.
Recent ADDL discoveries could also contribute to research into potential antiamyloid therapies, which currently fall into three groups: immunotherapies that prompt the body's immune system to destroy A[beta], antiaggregants that keep the molecules from clumping, and enzyme (secretase) modulators that prevent the creation of A[beta] or hasten its destruction.
We've known for some time that ADDL signaling blocks key learning and memory pathways, and now we've learned that ADDLs also interfere with key insulin pathways crucial for nerve cell function and survival," said Dr.
In collaboration with Merck, Acumen is developing an ADDL antibody program designed to prevent ADDLs from causing brain damage.
Susan Catalano, Acumen's Director of Research and Co-Principal Investigator of the grant, stated, "Our challenge is to correlate cognitive deficits in patients with ADDL levels in serum and cerebrospinal fluid using our ADDL-specific antibodies.
ADDL designs, controls manufacture, and sells Digital TV (DVB) access equipment and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) equipment, generically referred to as set-top boxes (STBs).
ADDL designs, controls manufacture, and sells Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) set-top boxes (STBs) and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) set-top boxes.
Acumen's founders at Northwestern University and the University of Southern California discovered ADDLs, and they have worked for the past seven years to elucidate the ADDL mechanism and the direct involvement of ADDLs in Alzheimer's disease.