ADDMAtrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (software)
ADDMAdd Memory
ADDMAutomatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (Oracle Database 10g)
ADDMA&D Data Management (Siemens MCIS suite)
ADDMAdjustment Order with Depressed Mood (psychology)
ADDMAsynchronous Digital Data Modem
ADDMAssistant District Director for Management
ADDMAsynchronous Distributed Decision Making
ADDMAcquisition Document Development and Management (US Air Force)
ADDMAutomated Documentation Development and Maintenance
ADDMAsynchronous Digital Data Multiplexing
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According to one customer quoted in the IDC report, "We've been able to focus more on proactive and preventative measures with ADDM BMC Discovery .
Cases were all children with ADDM surveillance-ascertained ASDs born within the source population as defined above.
In this study, six ADDM sites (Arizona, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina, and West Virginia) reported the prevalence for children who were eight years old in 2000 (born in 1992).
communities in the ADDM Network for children who were 8 years old in 2006 (born in 1998) and 2004 (children born in 1996).
The remaining 20 percent met the ADDM Network classification for ASD, but did not meet the DSM-5 criteria.
For more information about autism and ADDM projects, visit cdc.
InDecember 2009, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued their ADDM autism prevalence report.
ADDM data are being analyzed to better understand the roles of these and other factors.
Data were collected from existing records in 11 ADDM Network sites (areas of Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin) for 2006.
In 2002, eight additional states (Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Wisconsin) were added to the ADDM Network, and a separate report was presented for that study, which comprised children born in 1994 from all 14 states.
By using BMC ADDM to capture data about those legacy systems and store that data in the Atrium CMDB, Lockheed Martin will be better prepared to handle problems with legacy systems should they occur in the future.
9%) of 308,038 children aged 8 years residing in the 11 ADDM sites were identified as having an ASD, indicating an overall average prevalence of 9.