ADDOAssistant Deputy Director for Operations
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Akva Sisi Addo may have been trafficked into the UK before settling in Cardiff in about 2002, the city's crown court heard.
I put this question to the NPP 2012 presidential candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, when I met him in London in early March 2014, just as he was about to return to Accra after a lengthy stay in the UK to "recharge his batteries".
Addo Printing was established in 2008 and employs a team of eight with plans to increase this to 12 in the next year.
Addo, a former university aerospace engineering student from Atlanta, Georgia, US, was arrested shortly after the body was discovered on July 17.
Keiran Bayley, managing director of Addo, said: "Addo believes in solid training and on the job experience, so naturally we wanted to offer that to people struggling with unemployment.
Caernarfon had bemoaned near-misses themselves in the game's early minutes, when Addo had an edge-of-box drive blocked by Simon Gilderdale and Mark Thomas' close-range attempt was kept out by keeper Lee Idzi.
Addo will again be in the squad as Vauxhall take on Alfreton Town at home in Conference North tomorrow.
We are very pleased to have retained Addo Communications to support our efforts to develop a focused and strategic financial communications strategy," said David Rainer, the Company's Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.
Llanast Rwyf am gael trefn ar bethau Rwy'n addo dydd r'ol dydd, I glirio hen gypyrddau O lawer llanast cudd, Rhyw hen addewid amser maith Yw fory, fory wna i'r gwaith.
Kofi Addo, 21, of Tantarra Street, Chuckery, Walsall, had previously admitted two charges of burglary.
Four in 10 told a survey of 2,000 people by FOWL Addo foods they prefer a sausage roll to a slice of Christmas cake.
M Addo, Pollack Shores Real Estate Group, Regency Centers and NAI Hallmark Partners worked cooperatively with the City of Jacksonville to return portions of the Jacksonville Ash and Brown s Dump Superfund sites to productive use as a community based community center/church, residential/retail developments and a non-profit urban park/amphitheater.